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Imagine how you felt the first time you had your most favorite toy when you were a child. Recall one moment when you give a child, friend, or relative, the toy that they wanted to have. Remember the smile, the giggle, the laughter, and the sparkle in their eyes. The magic of toys to young children is true in all countries all over the world. It’s all about the joy and happiness of the children.

New Star came to life based on the one principle, give joy and happiness to children through toys.

How New Star Came To Be…

New Star was founded in 1988 as a retailer of children’s toys Los Angeles, California. A few years later, the hard work and determination of its founder and employees, they started to yield very positive results. New Star shifted from being a retailer to a manufacturer and importer of toys.

It has consistently grown and expanded its operations in the United States, Mexico and Latin America, along with exports to Europe and Asia. New Star has become a Global company with licensing on different products worldwide.

With our growth, we have expanded out office, operating center and warehouse. As such, from the crowded office in Downtown Los Angeles, New Star acquired a new company headquarters that house its operation in the industrial city of Vernon, CA in the late 1990’s.

New Star started conceptualizing, designing and marketing private label toys when they moved to their new headquarters. Marketing, Design and Product Development are largely done in the USA although some components are developed in China. Our Graphic Design tea is staged in the U.S., along with an office in China.

New Star manufacturers all of its products in our own or partnered factories overseas in order to control quality and safety on all of its products. All of our products meet the highest in safety standards. We test them regularly to meet all safety standards.

In recent years, New Star has acquired the world license for many products. We currently hold licenses with Transformers Dark of the Moon for Hasbro and Mack Trucks. We also have character licenses on Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo in the U.S. and Mexico. We look to add several other new and exciting brands to our list of products in this coming year.

“We believe that the world is a big playground and guided by the same principles, to bring joy and happiness to children through toys – one child at a time, one toy at a time.”